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Christ Alone- 1 Tim 2:5-6

Steven Shepard, Church Planting International, was our preacher today and he shared the same message that he preaches and teaches in Mexico, South America and Africa. Its the same Gospel message that people the world around need to hear.

How Should We View the Church?- 1 Tim 3:14-16 (Evans)

Paul, in his letter to Timothy, provides a very clear picture of the importance of the gospel to understanding Christians throughout the ages should view the Church.  Pastor Brian Evans helped us understand why the gospel message is so helpful in understanding what our view of the church should be.

How Should We View the Church

The Church and Its Pastors- 1 Tim 5:17-25 (Sonnenberg)

It is fitting that today’s sermon is Pastor Dan’s last sermon at Stonebridge Church. Last week Dan talked about Elders; this week his focus turned on the Pastors or Teaching Elders of the church.  What Paul says to Timothy about their remuneration, how and when they should be disciplined, and in importance of recognizing those truly called to this work.

Pastor Dan has faithfully served Stonebridge Church for over three years and we pray God’s blessing on he and his wife, Beth, as they move into another area of service.