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God is Still In Charge

Lots of crazy things happening here, in the US and around the world. Yes? The same was true for the congregation in Thessalonica to whom St Paul wrote a few letters. Specifically, he wanted to remind the readers that they could trust what they had been taught and that God would not leave them in a state of helplessness. And Jim Scullion shows in his sermon how these things can help us today.

Jesus Casts Out Demons

St Matthew shares events where Jesus demonstrates his power over sickness, physical ailments, and even the environment; all to demonstrate (prove?) that He has the authority of the King of God’s Kingdom. In today’s talk, Martin Rossol continues in the series talking about the event (Matthew 8:28-34) where Jesus demonstrated his power over demons. This is another level; another category where Jesus is seen in total control. St Matthew wants his readers to thinks, what? Listen for the answer to that question!