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Jesus is the Christ!- Mark 8:27-38

You don’t have to be particularly religious to feel that humanity is in need of “saving”.  No matter how long you think humans have been around we don’t seem to be able to rid ourselves of the “bad things” that plague us:  Hate, war, abuse, frustration, etc. Pastor Alan shared from Mark 8, that Jesus is, in fact, the Savior that we all need.

Good News! Jesus is the Christ!

The Church Must Be Unified- 1 Cor 1:10-17

Pastor Jeff continued his series on the First letter of St Paul to the Corinthians.

The Church Must Be Unified

The Gospel Of and For Christ- Gal 1:1-5

Pastor Larry Oldaker embarks on an overview of the letter of St Paul to the Galatians- with a distinctly Martin Luther flavor.  And he sure unpacks a lot from the first five verses.

The Gospel Of and For Christ

The Queen of Sheba and Solomon?- 1 Kings 10

I Kings 10 is such an amazing chapter, and  Pastor Jim Scullion was quite excited to tell us about it.  You may find it interesting, too.

The Queen of Sheba and Solomon?