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Don’t Look Back- Heb 8 (Lavalette)

What would you think if a couple, married 8-9 years, announced that they were going to annul their marriage and go back to being engaged?  Would seem more than a bit strange, yes?  Well, the Hebrews (those people addressed in the New Testament epistle The Letter to the Hebrews) were thinking of doing something very similar. They were wanting to leave all the benefits of Christianity and go back to the rules and regulations of Judaism.

Don’t Look Back

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep- John 10:1-18 (Oldaker)

Pastor Larry continued with the theme of God’s working redemption for his people.  The picture of a shepherd and sheep is used a number of times in the Bible to illustrate some aspect of the relationship between God, or leaders and God’s people.  The outline for today’s sermon was the power and significance of the Shepherd’s voice; the goodness of the Shepherd; and the utter faithfulness of the Shepherd to his sheep.

What Are You Building?- 1 Kings 9 (Scullion)

Pastor Scullion provided some insight to this unusual chapter in 1 Kings.

What Are You Building?